Brewz |n| Dawgz

"The highest accolade I can give Brewz N Dawgz is to say that it’s has made it to my short list.
And not many do…"

-Steve Parr | St. Augustine Social
Spot Check: Brewz N Dawgz Opens in St. Augustine

"It's lunch time and we have a new favorite place in case you are in need of a great hot dog! Brewz N Dawgz is downright delicious. Show up hungry and be prepared to order one of the best "dawgz" in town!"
-My Kind of Town-St. Augustine

"Their bottle list is also huge, and vast enough to compel my mother (who only drinks Stella Artois and Corona) to try something new and obscure. If you've ever wondered if it were possible to eat completely organic loaded fries and chili cheese dogs, you now have your answer, and it's a resounding “YES!”
-Benjamin Tier |
Craft Alcohol in St. Augustine | St. Augustine, FL

Hey, Have You Heard?....Brewz |n| Dawgz Is Now Open in St. Augustine......
-Linda aka BrewNymph |

"Brewz n Dawgz is providing St. Augustine with a very unique experience...Brewz n Dawgz has their service and product exactly right across the board.  We can’t wait to see how they grow as they establish themselves in our community."
-St. Aug Foodie Adventures
Brewz n Dawgz – A Unique and Healthy Hotdog Experience

"Brewz n Dawgz is special.  It’s rare to find an environment this comforting with affordable food that is incredibly healthy.  They’re truly a gift to St. Augustine and we know that they will be the cornerstone of the clean eating movement in our city in the years to come."

-St. Aug Foodie Adventures
Meet the Mindz Behind Brewz n Dawgz

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"What they're saying!"